Saturday, June 5, 2010

clothes, doga, and Honduras

hmmmm i thought i was going to write in my blog all time so far that has proved to be not true but i guess there is always time to do the things you say your going to do. I just went and saw that take him to the greek show. FUNNNYYYY i actually laughed hard in a movie haven't done that in a while.

So me and tyler go take yoga in the mornings and i am becoming very fond of it. Going makes me just want to go more and more. I believe we should always take advice from our furry friends. And there first bark of advice is doga. Every morning my dog does downward dog and stretches. He never starts his day any other way. Very smart little creature i do think. so there fore i go do my doga in the mornings.

P.S. american idol sucked this year no one can compare to my husband lambert!

And so on I am a Gleek i am so so so so so sad to admit that but i love the show. But was very disapointed with the Ga Ga episode.

SO in August there is a great event happening. Me and Tyler and my bestest friends Todd, Spencer and Zannie are going on a fabulous vacation. We are going to florida to start from there to honduras, belize, cozemel, and grand camayn. AMAZING> and it's over my birthday nothing better well if my mom was coming to that would make better. But that is the only thing.

So tylers birthday is this weekend which is great we are doing fun things and i had a chance to go buy him a new closet full of stuff. Which is something i love to do.

I had a bit of a break down today and cleaned out my closet and when i say cleaned out my closet i mean ten bags of stuff and still my closet is full as shit. Playtos closet took $300 dollars worth of clothes goodness. I have a problem with shopping and can't help it. At least these little break downs were i get rid of tons of stuff help keep the addiction somewhat under control. And keep tyler at bay from killing me when he has only six inches for his shirts in the closet. LOVE YOU TYLER>

until next time

Friday, October 23, 2009


So i think back to all the friends that have some what come and gone in my life but are still imprinted in my mind. i meet new great people and they make my life even that much better. You meet certain people that make your life so much brighter. Friends and people are chapters in our lives. and it's okay if sometimes those people loose touch or fade away they will be remebered as a great chapter to your story. Then some may come back in and it may be great. Then there are some great ones that are Always around they may live miles and miles away but they are always there, those are the greatest ones. i am so happy to have met the people in my life that i have. and to keep meeting great people that i adore and make my life so much fun. And those that i am able to always keep around i am so thankful for that. Too all the new great friends and new great adventures to come i can't wait.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So my son has been castrated. And i have been in trouble for five days now and it's not stopping there. Neutered. Yes i took my sons manly hood away and he knows it. So i knew we have a really smart dog but not this smart. So he is using this to it's fullest extent. He won't talk up and down stairs or get on and off things. basically he won't move until picked up and put in the spot he needs to be. So either he is in great pain or he is using me but lets be honest it's probably a little bit of both. And he has a cone. The first night after the surgery he insisted on sleep on me and tylers bed with his cone on the pillow right in the middle of both of us. I was so rested after spending the right with a cone in my face. But really i feel very bad he runs cone first into everything and can't run up and down stairs because he can't see. and if he goes to give you a kiss you get a cone in the face. He only has five more days with the cone on so it will be over soon. And he got some dogie pain killers so he can't complain.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Fall of Summer

Facebook. What the hell. honestly i look at it way too much and it's crazy. the more i look at it the crazier i think it gets. people put up crazy stuff. and say crazy stuff things most people wouldn't give a shit about but lets be honest isn't that the internet for you. k my rant is over

Suzanne came to play it was great. the night ended a bit short things went a little differently than planned. We were supposed to play with some great loves of my hehe but i ended up carless. We went and got some yummy pizza and played with my dog. I am so glad she came to play my little kitty. I have come to realize that this summer has been so different than others. All my other summers have been full of parties and parties and parties. This was a chill summer but a good one. Maybe thats what happens as years go on. Either way it's not what you do or were you are at it's who your with. You can live in any city any town and if you have good friends it doesn't matter.

So fall is here lets be honest every day i make a drive up the canyon. Long drive but beautiful one and every day i notice more and more colored leaves. I can try and pretend it's not happening but for sure it is. I guess i will just have to embrace that summer is gone. We will peel the freckles from our sholders and shed what is left of our summer skin!

Scarfs and peacoats here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is this happening!

Purple what an amazing color! I am blogging i thought i would never. but i am, in fact blogging. i love talking about myself (hehe) so why not have one! So life is going good lately i changed my hair color to brown and for those who know me that is a pretty big change! But as a great friend of mine said. ONCE A BLONDE ALWAYS A BLONDE. So now i am headed back in the direct of the blonde world. The world i know and love. I am working at a new salon. It's good very fast paced, different than what i am used to, it's making me happy though. Less stress thats for sure.

Winter oh how i dread thee. I am so sad that it's getting closer, looks like hibernation is closer than we thought. I have to find something fun to do this winter to keep me occupied, besides eat haha, this winter. Maybe i will take up snowboarding, now that would be funny.

My first born child Bowie my son is amazing, he is ten pounds now and his curls are curlier than ever. I love him like i love a human being it's might be getting a little out of hand. All i talk or care about is my dog but oh well haha. Every time i see a dog on the street i sing a little song, now don't laugh k, here it is "dogs dogs all type of dogs tiny crazy curly dogs" this is true. My main passion in life is dogs. and i used to be a dog hater if you will. thought they were smelly, but now after my first born son has changed my life. Casey if you ever read this it's for you "wanna holddddddddddddddddd you " love little rusty.

The most excited thing to write about is i'm going to florida!!!!!!!!!!!! Todd here i come. Disney world epcot, alligator farm, beach, the works. and i have been missing my best friend too much.

Well for my first post that will be it!

love, Jayde-a-kiss